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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Diving Regulations, 2009

23. Diving Advisory Board


1) The chief inspector must establish a Diving Advisory Board consisting of-
a) an officer of the Department of Labour, who is the chairperson;
b) one inspector;
c) one person representing the Department of Minerals and Energy;
d) one level 2 designated medical practitioner, who is a member of SAUHMA;
e) one instructor;
f) one diving contractor; and
g) one supervisor, holding the minimum of a Class II supervisor's qualification.


2) The chief inspector may authorise the Diving Advisory Board to co-opt persons who have specialised knowledge of the matters dealt with by the Diving Advisory Board.


3) The chief inspector must appoint the members of the Diving Advisory Board for a period that he or she may determine at the time of appointment.


4) The chief inspector may discharge a member of the Diving Advisory Board before the termination of his or her period of appointment after that member has been afforded a reasonable opportunity to respond to the reasons for the intended discharge.


5) The Diving Advisory Board must-
a) make recommendations and submit reports to the chief inspector regarding any matter to which these Regulations relate;
b) advise the chief inspector regarding any matter referred to the Diving Advisory Board by the chief inspector;
c) perform other functions that may be requested by the chief inspector;
d) refer appeals against decisions of the Diving Advisory Board to the chief inspector; and
e) conduct its work in accordance with the instructions and rules of conduct made by the chief inspector.