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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Diving Regulations, 2009

22. Control of diving operations


1) A diving contractor must ensure that-
a) all diving operations are controlled in accordance with the Act, including all applicable regulations and the relevant Codes of Practice;
b) a hazard identification and risk assessment is conducted to identify the risks to the health and safety of any person taking part in the diving operation; and
c) the risks contemplated in paragraph (b) are appropriately mitigated.
d) a plan is implemented to monitor risks and how they are addressed;
e) a plan is implemented to review the hazards, risks and plan to mitigate and monitor the risks


2) The diving contractor shall ensure that a diving operation conform to the minimum manning levels in accordance with Annexure C.


3) No person may dive to a depth greater than that for which he or she is qualified: Provided that a class III diver may dive to a maximum depth not exceeding 50 metres if the total decompression time does not exceed 20 minutes.


4) All divers, diving supervisors, instructors, life support technicians, compressed air workers, hyperbaric operations supervisors, airlock operators and chamber operators must hold a valid, in-date first aid certificate, taught in accordance with the training standards made under regulation 24(a).