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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Diving Regulations, 2009

14.  Hyperbaric operations supervisors for compressed air work


1) No person may be registered as a hyperbaric operations supervisor for compressed air work, unless that person complies with the requirements of the relevant training standards made under regulation 24(a).


2) The hyperbaric operations supervisor for a particular compressed air work operation shall be appointed in writing by the contractor.


3) No person may be appointed as a hyperbaric operations supervisor for a compressed air work operation, unless that person is registered in accordance with subregulation (1).


4) A hyperbaric operations supervisor must in respect of the compressed air work operation for which he or she has been appointed-
a) ensure that as far as it is reasonably practicable it is carried out-
i) without risk to the health and safety of all those taking part in that operation and of any other person who may be affected thereby;
ii) in accordance with the requirements and prohibitions imposed on him or her by or under any relevant statutory provision; and
iii) in accordance with the diving project plan;
b) before the commencement of the operation, ensure that each person taking part is aware of the contents of the diving project plan which relate to that operation;
c) ensure that the particulars required by Annexure B are recorded in the hyperbaric work operations record; and
d) ensure that the particulars of any therapeutic treatment provided in accordance with regulation 15 are entered into the logbook of the compressed air worker in accordance with Annexure A.


5) A hyperbaric operations supervisor may, while supervising a diving operation in respect of which he or she is appointed, give reasonable directions to any person taking part in that operation or who may affect the safety of that operation that are necessary to enable that person to comply with these Regulations.


6) A hyperbaric operations supervisor must report for a medical examination to a designated medical practitioner at least once every 12 months.