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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Driven Machinery Regulations, 2015

20. Approval and registration of training providers


(1) The chief inspector may approve and register any training provider that has been accredited by the Transport Education and Training Authority as an approved training provider.


(2) An application for approval and registration as a training provider must be made to the chief inspector in writing and must be accompanied by—
(a) a certified copy of the accreditation letter issued by the Transport Education and Training Authority; and
(b) a cancelled company letterhead.


(3) The chief inspector shall furnish an approved training provider with the appropriate certificate of registration and enter such registration into the national database.


(4) An approved training provider shall inform the chief inspector of any change affecting its approval and registration under these Regulations within 14 days of such change.