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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Construction Regulations, 2014

18. Rope access work


(1)       A contractor must—

(a) appoint a competent person in writing as a rope access supervisor with the duty of supervising all rope access work on the site, including the duty of ensuring occupational health and safety compliance in relation to rope access work: Provided that the appointment of any such person does not relieve the construction manager of any personal accountability for failing in his management duties in terms of this regulation;
(b) ensure that all rope access work on the construction site is carried out under the supervision of a competent person; and
(c) ensure that all rope access operators are competent and licensed to carry out their work.


(2) No contractor may use or allow the use of rope access work unless—
(a) the design, selection and use of the equipment and anchors comply with the safety standards incorporated for this purpose into these Regulations under section 44 of the Act; and
(b) he or she is in possession of a site specific  fall protection plan developed by a competent person applicable to the specific work and environment prior to the commencement of the work, including records of maintenance and inspections of all the equipment used for the work operations.


(3) A  contractor  must  ensure  that  adequate  measures  are  in  place  to  allow  rescue procedures to commence immediately in the event of a fall incident taking place.