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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Construction Regulations, 2014

11. Structures


(1) A contractor must ensure that—
(a) all reasonably practicable steps are taken to prevent the uncontrolled collapse of any new or existing structure or any part thereof, which may become unstable or is in a temporary state of weakness or instability due to the carrying out of construction work;
(b) no structure or part of a structure is loaded in a manner which would render it unsafe; and
(c) all drawings pertaining to the design of the relevant structure are kept on site and are available on request to an inspector, other contractors, the client and the client's agent or employee.


(2) An owner of a structure must ensure that—
(a) inspections of that structure are carried out periodically by competent persons in order to render the structure safe for continued use;
(b) that the inspections contemplated in paragraph (a) are carried out at least once every six months for the first two years and thereafter yearly;
(c) the structure is maintained in such a manner that it remains safe for continued use;
(d) the records of inspections and maintenance are kept and made available on request to an inspector.