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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Code of Practice

Diving Regulations, 2009

Code of Practice for Inshore Diving

9. Medical

9.8 Medical equipment on site


A minimum amount of medical equipment will need to be at a diving site to provide first aid and medical treatment for the dive team. This minimum will depend on the type of diving and a list of the contents of the medical kit shall be compiled in conjunction with the diving contractor's level 2 DMP. The DMP will then know what equipment and supplies are available when giving advice to a worksite. The diving contractor, in conjunction with their DMP, will need to prepare contingency plans for emergency situations.


The first aid equipment should be adequately marked to enable any person to identify the first aid kit.


A specific person should be made responsible for the first aid kit (usually the supervisor). The issue of supplies from the kit should be accompanied by an injury report and proper control of the contents needs to be maintained, including due cognizance of expiry dates thereof.


Before any dive commences, the diving contractor must ensure that the emergency equipment is ready for immediate use.


Sufficient stored quantities of medical oxygen must be available at every dive site to ensure that an emergency may be dealt with effectively. Not having enough oxygen available to manage all injured divers is not acceptable.