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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Code of Practice

Diving Regulations, 2009

Code of Practice for Inshore Diving

9. Medical

9.6 Fitness screening


9.6.1        Screening before diving


Each diver shall be medically screened, at the discretion of the diving supervisor, to ensure that the diver is physically fit on a day-to -day basis. This examination may be performed by the supervisor himself, who may refer the person for further medical evaluation if needed. Such a screening examination may include the person's ability to equalize, his balance and coordination and other screening tests as prescribed by the level 2 Designated Medical Practitioner in the operations manual.


In certain high-risk areas screening for drugs of abuse should be included. This may be done at random intervals without the divers, diving supervisors or any other person involved in the diving project knowing. Such screening should however always be conducted within the guidelines and limits set in a company policy on drugs of abuse (including alcohol). Such a policy should include clear guidelines and standard procedures, including measures related to disciplinary action (when appropriate) or rehabilitation programmes and disability management (when appropriate). Labour legislation should be consulted in this regard.


9.6.2        Screening after diving


The supervisor should screen all divers after a dive and specifically enquire about any abnormal sensations or any other symptoms that may suggest decompression sickness or other injury or disease sustained during the dive. The presence or absence thereof should be clearly noted in the diving log. Any abnormalities should be reported to the level 2 Designated Medical Practitioner without delay.