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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Code of Practice

Diving Regulations, 2009

Code of Practice for Inshore Diving

3. Organisation

3.6 Level 2 Designated Medical Practitioners


One or more Level 2 DMPs will be contracted to the diving contractor for the duration of any diving project, and must be available for remote consultation at all times during any diving operation.


The level 2 DMP should ensure the health aspects of the diving project are appropriately addressed. This may include the following aspects:

Performing fitness-to-dive examinations on the divers
Reviewing, scrutinizing and updating medical examinations performed by level 1 DMP and/or medical practitioners not contracted by the company
Providing specific inputs in the operations manual regarding relevant health aspects that should be addressed, including emergency medical protocols and procedures
Providing specific inputs regarding contents of the first aid kit and assistance in sourcing the contents thereof
Providing inputs in the HIRA from the medical point of view
Arrange for the workplace visit of an occupational medicine specialist or occupational medicine practitioner (as appropriate) when required to assess specific workplace hazards
Arranging (in consultation with occupational medicine specialists or practitioners) for the measurement of workplace hazards by an Approved Inspection Authority.
Consultation with an occupational medicine specialist, occupational medicine practitioner or occupational health practitioner (as appropriate) when required in terms of specific health hazards in the workplace, or when an occupational injury has occurred or when an occupational disease is diagnosed
Consultation with travel medicine practitioners whenever specific issues occur, e.g. diving in malaria areas, the need for specific vaccinations, etc.
Providing assistance and advice in the case of workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses
Providing inputs in diving apparatus selection and working tool selection when appropriate
Providing telephonic and/or on-site advice and assistance in each case of decompression illness and organise any special investigation, follow-up and rehabilitation that may be required, including the performance of fitness assessments after recovery.
Recording of the appropriate medical information in the diver's logbook, including treatment provided, for each case of decompression sickness.
Providing practical advice regarding the application of divers with restricted fitness for diving, which may include adding additional restrictions or, in consultation with the examining IMP, remove such restrictions temporarily or permanently.
Providing project specific medical support
Provision of any other medical advice, services and equipment as required from time to time.
Reviewing of workplace health and safety indicators and development of appropriate action plans to address health issues in such a way that continuous improvement is evident.
Provision of a yearly medical report to the diving contractor/employer
Complying with the provisions listed in the Diving Regulations


To effectively perform these duties, the level 2 designated medical practitioner must be available for consultation with the diving contractor and the diving team should be able to telephonically contact the level 2 Designated Medical Practitioner without difficulty during any scheduled diving operation.