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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)

Code of Practice

Diving Regulations, 2009

Code of Practice for Inshore Diving

10. Special operational conditions

10.5 Diving near ROV operations


There are a number of safety considerations that need to be taken into account when divers are working with, or in the vicinity of, ROVs, and guidance is available. These considerations include entanglement of umbilicals, physical contact, electrical hazards, etc. The dive plan will need to include solutions for these hazards. For example, umbilicals could be restricted in length, and electrical trip mechanisms or guards could be employed.


If there is an ROV operation taking place in the vicinity, established communications should always exist betwee:

The diving supervisor and the ROV supervisor. (When an ROV is used in a diving operation the diving supervisor has ultimate responsibility for the safety of the whole operation).
The diver and the ROV pilot (this is normally routed through the diving supervisor).