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Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993)


Asbestos Regulations, 2001

15. Asbestos cement sheeting and related products


(1) An employer or self-employed person who erect, maintain, alter, renovate, repair, dismantle or add asbestos-cement roof sheeting, wall paneling, gutters, fascia boards and related products to a building shall ensure that –
(a) if any roof work is performed, suitable roof ladders or duckboards or crawling boards are used in accordance with regulation 12 of the General Safety Regulations published by Government Notice No. R. 1031 of 30 May 1986;
(b) written work procedures are laid down and followed to prevent the release of asbestos dust into the environment;
(c) any water which contains asbestos dust as a result of the activities contemplated in subregulation (1), shall be treated in accordance with regulation 13(2)(6) and (c);
(d) the work procedures contemplated in paragraph (b) shall be available for perusal by the relevant health and safety representative or relevant health and safety committee and for inspection by an inspector;
(e) removal work is conducted under controlled conditions in accordance with regulations 11 and 13;
(f) cutting or drilling is performed under controlled conditions in accordance with regulation 11 and 13, including the use of wet methods where possible, and a suitable slow-speed cutter is used, provided that a respirator shall be used by the operator and others at risk of exposure;
(g) asbestos waste of any form, including dust, is collected and disposed of in accordance with regulation 20;
(h) once installed and where reasonably practicable, the relevant items are painted or otherwise sealed with a protective coating to limit the release of asbestos dust, combat weathering and inhibit growth of lichen or moss;
(i) cleaning is done under controlled conditions ensuring that –
(ii) dry-brushing, scraping, sanding or abrasion techniques are not used;
(iii) where reasonably practicable, high-pressure water jetting is not used unless in conjunction with a suitable profiled hood that limits dispersal of contaminated water and, if the said jetting is used, that suitable control methods are used in accordance with regulation 13(2)(6); and
(iv) when fungicidal solution or moss killer is applied, a standing time of 24 hours or any other period specified by the manufacturer is allowed, and a low-pressure hose is used after such period to keep the sheets wet whilst employing a stiff broom or any similar means to remove any moss or lichens.