SA urgently needs a credible, non-racial alternative to the ANC

Posted 07 February 2014

William Gumede argues in The Guardian that SA needs a credible, non-racial alternative to the ANC. This is especially so following the instant divorce between Agang SA and the Democratic Alliance.

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The ANC's performance balance sheet: the good, the bad and the ugly

Posted 27 January 2014

Although South Africa has been slipping down various international rankings, anyone drawing up a balance sheet of rule by the African National Congress (ANC) since it came to power in 1994 must be struck as much by the successes as by the failures, writes John Kane-Berman of the SA Institute of Race Relations.

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The ANC's grip is slipping

Posted 08 January 2014

The ANC's grip on power is slipping and that can be a dangerous thing for the country, particularly in an election year. The radicalisation of South African politics is well underway, and trade unions are amping up their demands for higher wages, knowing their timing is perfect.

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The year of living dangerously

Posted 17 December 2013

2013 will go down as the year of living dangerously. Our beloved Madiba passed away, the sign interpreter at his funeral turns out to be a fake with an interesting background, and President Zuma was grateful for the opportunity to change the subject from Nkandla-gate.

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