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Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act No. 15 of 1973)

Regulations Governing the Conveyance of Hazardous Substances by Road Tanker

Chapter 2 : Labelling

2. Prohibition of transport of grouped substances by road tanker unless labelled



1) No person shall transport a grouped hazardous substance on a road by means of a road tanker unless such tanker is labelled as prescribed in these regulations for the conveyance by road of any such substance, except, where such road tanker is being used solely for conveying a grouped hazardous substance from--
i) another road tanker that has been damaged as a result of an accident occurring on a public road, or has broken down on a public road. or
ii) a rail truck that has been damaged or derailed or has broken down on a railway track other than a siding on which it was loaded;

and such road tanker is being escorted by a vehicle used for police, traffic police or fire service purposes.


2) For the purpose of these regulations a road tanker shall be deemed to be used for the conveyance by road of a grouped hazardous substance throughout the period from the commencement of loading for the purpose of conveying the substance by road until the tank or compartment used for that purpose has been cleaned or purged so that it is free from the substance and its vapour, whether or not it is on a road at the material time.