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Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act No. 15 of 1973)

Group IV Hazardous Substances Regulations

Annexure 2 : Dose Units






Applicable occupational dose limit

Public dose limit applicable to persons other than employees

Effective dose

20 mSv per annum, averaged over five years and not more than 50 mSv in any one year

1 mSv per annum

Annual equivalent dose to the--




150 mSv

15 mSv


500 mSv

50 mSv

hands and feet

500 mSv




Additional restrictions apply to the above-mentioned occupational dose limit of pregnant women. When pregnancy has been diagnosed, the conceptus must be protected by applying a supplementary equivalent dose limit to the surface of the woman's abdomen (lower trunk) of 2 mSv for the remainder of the pregnancy.