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Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act No. 15 of 1973)

Group IV Hazardous Substances Regulations

Chapter 3 : Conditions Relating to Activities with regard to Group IV Hazardous Substances

6. Radiation protection officer and acting radiation protection officer



1) Every holder of an authority shall, before he engages in any activity that pertains to that authority, create or assign one post of radiation protection officer and one post of acting radiation protection officer on his permanent establishment and retain such posts for the duration of his authority.


a) A holder shall appoint, in consultation with the Director-General incumbents to the posts referred to in subregulation (1) and shall forthwith notify the Director-General when such a post becomes vacant.
b) A holder himself may, in the case where he is a natural person, hold any such post.


3) A radiation protection officer, an acting radiation protection officer and a holder referred to in subregulation (2)(b) shall be--
a) a medical physicist; or
b) any other person with knowledge and experience of--
i) the basic principles of radiation protection and control in general; and
ii) such specific aspects of radiation protection and control, as may be applicable to the installation and working conditions that are covered by the authority concerned.


4) Except with the written approval of the Director-General, no activity in respect of which an authority was granted, or any action whatsoever pertaining to such activity may, subject to the provisions of subregulation (2)(b), take place in the absence of the appointment of incumbents to the posts referred to in subregulation (1).


5) A holder of an authority who does not himself hold the post of radiation protection officer or acting radiation protection officer, as the case may be, in terms of subregulation (2)(b), shall in the service contract concerned, apart from any powers or duties associated with such post--
a) place the person whom he has appointed in terms of subregulation (2)(a) as radiation protection officer in control of all activities that pertain to that authority, and of all actions and operations which are carried out or performed in terms of such authority by any radiation worker or other employee in the employ of such holder; and
b) invest the person whom he appoints in terms of subregulation (2)(a) as acting radiation protection officer with all the said powers in the case where such person, in the absence of the radiation protection officer, acts on his behalf in his post,

and shall submit or send by registered mail a copy of such service contract, which such holder has certified to be a true and correct copy of the original service contract, to the Director-General for record purposes within 14 days of such appointment.