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Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act No. 15 of 1973)

Group IV Hazardous Substances Regulations

Chapter 3 : Conditions Relating to Activities with regard to Group IV Hazardous Substances

14. Radiation workers



1) Every holder of an authority shall open a register for radiation workers in his employ and shall enter the name of every such radiation worker in the register, stating such personal particulars of such person as the holder may deem fit, but with specific mention in respect of such radiation worker of at least--
a) the date of registration and deregistration;
b) the age at the time of registration;
c) in the case of a female radiation worker, the periods of pregnancy, as such person informed the holder;
d) the date of appointment in the employ of the holder and of dismissal and the reason for the dismissal;
e) the address at the time of dismissal.


2) No person shall be registered as a radiation worker unless--
a) he is 18 years old or older;
b) a medical practitioner has certified in the health record of the person concerned that in the opinion of the medical practitioner such person is fit to perform radiation work; and
c) in the case of a female person, the holder concerned has informed such person pertinently of the hazard to the foetus of ionising radiation during pregnancy, and the holder is satisfied after personal enquiry that the person concerned is not pregnant.


3) A holder shall remove the name of a radiation worker from the register of radiation workers in his employ as soon as--
a) in the case of a female radiation worker, it comes to his knowledge that such worker is pregnant;
b) a medical practitioner certifies in writing that in his opinion such worker is not fit for radiation work; or
c) the Director-General or the worker concerned so requests,

and shall not re-enter such name until, in the case of a pregnancy, such a pregnancy has terminated, and in any other case, until the worker concerned, or the medical practitioner or the Director-General, as the case may be, has been consulted.