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Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act No. 15 of 1973)

Group I Hazardous Substances Regulations
6. Records to be Kept



1) Save as provided in regulation 5, a licensee who is authorised to sell or supply substances listed in Category A or B of Group I shall not sell or supply any such substances unless in respect of every sale or supply thereof he enters in a book to be kept exclusively for the purpose (hereinafter called the "Group I hazardous substances book")--
a) the date of the sale or supply;
b) the name and quantity of the substance;
c) the trade name of the product containing the substance;
d) the full name and address of the purchaser or recipient; and
e) the purpose for which the substance is stated to be required;

and unless he causes to be affixed to such entry the signature of the purchaser or recipient and, if such purchaser or recipient is not already known to him, the signature also of a person whom he knows and who knows the purchaser or recipient: Provided that where the purchase of such a substance is sought on a written order which discloses the purpose for which it is to be used and is signed by a person known to the licensee as a person entitled to sign the book, the licensee may supply the substance and shall retain and keep the order and shall enter all particulars of the sale or supply in the said book.


2) If there is a written order or contract relative to the sale or supply of a substance described in Category A of Group I, the licensee shall enter all particulars thereof in the said book but he shall not sell or supply any such substance in fulfillment of any written order or contract unless either the purchaser is known to him or the signature of the purchaser is attested by a magistrate or a commissioner of oaths.


3) A licensee shall enter in the Group I hazardous substances book the name and quantity of every substance listed in Category A or B of Group I acquired by him, the date of acquisition and the name and address of the person from whom it was acquired. Every such book shall be kept up-to-date and in proper order, and shall be balanced regularly so as to show clearly the quantity of each Category A substance remaining in stock at the last day of April and September of each year, the balancing to be completed within three days following each of the said dates.


4) A licensee shall retain the Group I hazardous substances book for a period of not less than three years from the date of the last entry therein, and he shall retain every invoice relating to the acquisition of Group I hazardous substances and every order relating to the sale or supply of such substances for a period of at least three years. Every such book, invoice or order shall be kept on the premises and shall be made available for inspection on demand by an inspector in terms of the Act.