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Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act No. 15 of 1973)


Group I to IV Hazardous Substances Regulations

Group I Hazardous Substances

Regulations relating to Group I Hazardous Substances

4. Conditions of Sale or Supply of Group I Hazardous Substances


1) A licence shall be authorise the supply or keeping for supply of Group I hazardous substances or a particular category of such substances or certain specified Group I hazardous substances and any sale shall take place only at the address mentioned in the licence and under the control of the person mentioned therein.


2) No licensee shall supply any such substance to any other licensee unless he is furnished with the number of the licence issued to such other licensee and endorses such number on the relative invoice.


3) A licensee shall keep all Group I hazardous substances in his possession or charge under proper care and control, entirely separate from articles of food or drink and either in a room, a cupboard or an enclosure reserved solely for the purpose and securely locked at all times except when stocks are added or removed.


4) Group I hazardous substance shall be sold over any counter or table used in connection with the handling, preparation or sale of any article of food or drink.


5) No person shall sell any Group I hazardous substance except in a container which is securely closed, free from leaks and of sufficient strength to withstand rough usage and preclude any loss of the contents.


6) Every Category B Group I hazardous substance kept for sale by a person referred to in regulation 3(v) shall be kept for sale or supplied in the unbroken, original container as supplied by the manufacturer or wholesale dealer.