Criminal Procedure Act, 1977

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To make provision for procedures and related matters in criminal proceedings.


Last update: July 2011

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Latest Developments:


This Act has been updated by: GG 34377, 24 Jun 2011 (Schedule of Correctional Services Act) and GG 33607, 5 Oct 2010 (Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amend Act).


The Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 has been amended by the Judicial Matters Amendment Act, 2006 in Government Gazette No. 28391 dated 11 January 2006 , and the Criminal Procedure Amendment Act, 2008, Notice No. 65 of 2008 in Government Gazette No. 31911 dated 18 February 2009.


The Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977) has been added to the site, as well as Regulations, Notice No. R. 513 in Government Gazette No. 32205 dated 6 May 2009.