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Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997)

Sectoral Determination 1 : Contract Cleaning Sector, South Africa

5. Payment of Remuneration


(1) For employees, save as provided in clauses 10(1) and 15(1), an employer must pay to an employee any remuneration that is paid in money—
(a) daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly; and
(b) in cash, by cheque or by direct deposit in an account designated by the employee.


(2) Any remuneration paid by cash or by cheque must be given to each employee—
(a) at the workplace or at a place agreed to by the employer;
(b) during the employee’s working hours or within 15 minutes of the commencement or conclusion of those hours; and
(c) in a sealed envelope which becomes the property of the employee.


(3) An employer must pay remuneration—
(a) not later than seven days after the completion of the period for which the remuneration is payable; or
(b) at the termination of the contract of employment.


(4) Clause 5(3)(b) does not apply to any pension or provident fund payment to an employee that is made in terms of the rules of the fund.