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Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997)


BCEA Regulations on Hazardous Work by Children

8. Prohibited work


(1) It is an offence for any person to require or permit a child worker to work in any of the following—
(a) deep sea fishing;
(b) commercial diving or other hazardous work underwater;
(c) slaughtering of animals;
(d) meat, poultry, or seafood processing;
(e) the manufacture or packing of tobacco products or any other work in which there is exposure to tobacco dust;
(f) logging;
(g) the protecting or safeguarding of any person or property, or work involving the handling of firearms;
(h) the refining of petroleum products;
(i) filling cars with petroleum or other chemical fuels at a filling station, or doing work close to such activity;
(j) the brewing manufacturing or selling of any liquid which in its final form would contain more than one per cent of alcohol;
(k) work in a bar, shebeen, tavern or pub, or another establishment whose primary business is to sell alcoholic beverages to the general public, for consumption on the premises;
(l) the manufacture or application of tar or asphalt;
(m) work involving an exposure, or potential exposure, to blood-borne or airborne pathogens;
(n) work in health care or veterinary or related facility, in circumstances where there is likely exposure to biological agents, including but not limited to Hepatitis, HIV, and tuberculosis, anaesthetics, anti-neoplastic medications or addictive drugs;
(o) work involving exposure to any of the following—
(i) hazardous substance or agent;
(ii) lead, asbestos, silica, coal or other hazardous dusts;
(iii) pressurised gases;
(p) the production, transport, handling, storage, use of or other work involving exposure to explosives or flammable substances;
(q) work in a casino or other gambling establishment;
(r) electrical work involving high voltage cables or other power sources in excess of 250 volts;
(s) welding, brazing or soldering;
(t) rock or stone crushing;
(u) the operation of vibrating equipment such as rock drills and riveters;
(v) operating tractors, winches, forklift vehicles, front end loaders, earth moving equipment or similar heavy equipment;
(w) driving of any motor vehicles or mobile plant;
(x) work in vehicles transporting passengers or heavy goods;
(y) work in a confined space.