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Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997)

Ministerial Determinations

Ministerial Determination 3: Expanded Public works Programmes

1. Definitions


1.1 In this determination—


"expanded public works programme"

means a programme to provide public or community assets or services through a labour intensive programme initiated by government and funded from public resources.


1.2 Without limiting subsection (1), the following programmes constitute Expanded Public Works Programmes:
(a) Environment and Culture Sector Programmes including: Working for Water, Working on Fire, Working for Wetlands, People and Parks, Working for Energy, Working for Woodlands, Working for the Coast, Landcare, Working on Waste, Working for Tourism, Investing in Culture Programmes
(b) Infrastructure Sector Programmes and Projects declared part of EPWP which may include the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of: rural and low-volume roads, storm-water drains, water reticulation, basic sanitation, footpaths, sidewalks, bicycle paths, schools and clinics.
(c) Social Sector Programmes including Early Childhood Development, Home, Community Based Care, Community Safety and other community based programmes
(d) All projects and programmes accessing the EPWP wage incentive including those implemented by Non Governmental organisations (NGO) and Community Based Organisations (CBO) and the Community Works Programme.
(e) Any other programme deemed to be part of the EPWP as determined by the Department of Public Works