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Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997)

Codes of Good Practice

Code of Good Practice for the Employment of Children in the Performance of Advertising, Artistic or Cultural Activities

4. Child Minders


4.1 Provision shall be made for the appointment of a child minder, whose duties would be:
4.1.1 To keep a record of rehearsal, call and performance times and the duration thereof and to make these available to the appropriate child care authorities on request.
4.1.2 To give proper supervision when the child is not actually performing.
4.1.3 To remain within the visible proximity of the child.
4.1.4 To accompany the child to the set, dressing rooms or play areas and toilets.
4.1.5 To ensure that there are suitable opportunities for recreational activities.
4.1.6 To ensure the child receives the required breaks for meals, rest and adequate recreation.
4.1.7 To ensure that the child is protected from stress, strain; weather and other harmful conditions, including dangerous or hazardous working conditions.
4.1.8 To ensure that satisfactory accommodation, if applicable, is supplied.
4.1.9 To take care of children who are not more than twelve in a group.


4.2 Where there is more than one child engaged in a production, the age of the children shall be taken into account when appointing child minders.


4.3 A child minder may not do other duties during the time of the production as this can hinder the child minder’s responsibilities.