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Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997)

Codes of Good Practice

Code of Good Practice for the Employment of Children in the Performance of Advertising, Artistic or Cultural Activities

1. Preamble


1.1 The rights of children are enshrined in international and national legislative instruments. These rights should be protected wherever children are employed.


1.2 This Code provides guidelines for employment of children in the performance of advertising, artistic or cultural activities in order to protect them against work that is hazardous or harmful to their education, health or well being, physical or mental health or spiritual, moral or social development.


1.3 The Code aims to ensure that performing activities do not detract from the child's development and enjoyment of childhood.


1.4 The Code does not impose any legal obligation in addition to those in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act or any other Act referred to in the Code. Its purpose is to give guidance to employers on key legal provisions.


1.5 The Code must be read in conjunction with the sectoral determination for the employment of children in advertising, artistic or cultural activities.


1.6 The Code is based on international experience in relation to the regulation of the employment of children in artistic performances as provided in Article 8 of ILO Convention 138.