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Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997)

Codes of Good Practice

Code of Good Practice for Employment and Conditions of work for Expanded Public Works Programmes

1. Preamble


1.1) Reducing unemployment is one of the greatest challenges facing South Africa. Government has undertaken a number of initiatives to address unemployment and poverty, including the promotion of labour-intensive Expanded Public Works Programmes (EPWP). An EPWP is a labour intensive programme initiated by government and funded, either fully or partially, from public resources to create a public benefit. A list of EPWP programmes is available from the Department of Public Works (DPW).


1.2) Recognising that the acquisition of skills either through accredited or experientialtraining forms an integral part of the EPWP.


1.3) The Code provides guidelines for the protection of workers engaged in EPWPs, taking into account the need for workers to have basic rights, the objectives of the programmes and the resource implications for government.


1.4) In addition, the Code encourages:
Optimal use of locally-based labour in EPWP.
A focus on targeted groups, namely women, female-headed households, youth, the disabled and households coping with HIV\AIDS.
The empowerment of individuals and communities engaged in EPWP through the provision of training.