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Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997)

Codes of Good Practice

Code of Good Practice for Employment and Conditions of work for Expanded Public Works Programmes

17. Grievance Procedures



17.1) A grievance is a serious dissatisfaction on the part of a worker with the actions or behaviour of the employer or another worker.


17.2) A worker with a grievance should bring the grievance to the attention of the employer, either in writing or verbally. If the grievance concerns another worker, the worker should raise the issue with that worker before raising it with the employer.


17.3) The employer must listen to the submissions made by the complaining worker and attempt to settle the matter by discussion within 5 days.


17.4) Where the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complaining worker, the employer may conduct an investigation or, if the employer considers it appropriate, conduct an inquiry at which the affected parties can make submissions.


17.5) The employer must notify the grievant and any other person affected of the decisions within a reasonable time. If the employer decides to take disciplinary action, the employer must follow the disciplinary procedure described above.