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World Heritage Convention Act, 1999

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To provide for the incorporation of the World Heritage Convention into South African law; the enforcement and implementation of the World Heritage Convention in South Africa; the recognition and establishment of World Heritage Sites; the establishment of Authorities and the granting of additional powers to existing organs of state; the powers and duties of such Authorities, especially those safeguarding the integrity of World Heritage Sites; where appropriate, the establishment of Boards and Executive Staff Components of the Authorities; integrated management plans over World Heritage Sites; land matters in relation to World Heritage Sites; financial, auditing and reporting controls over the Authorities; and to provide for incidental matters.


Last update: July 2022

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Latest Developments:


The World Heritage Convention Act, 1999 (Act No. 49 of 1999), has been updated with the Amended Format and Procedure for nomination of World Heritage Sites in the Republic of South Africa, as per Notice No. 2251 of GG46685 dated 8 July 2022.