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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Regulations for the Conditions of Service and Appointment of the CEO of a SETA

8. Conditions of Service


(1) The Accounting Authority must determine conditions of service and salary ranges for the CEO within the scope of the salary band, as prescribed by Regulation 7.


(2) The conditions of service determined by the Accounting Authority must be in proportion with the conditions of service applicable to the equivalent post of a Director-General in the public service.


(3) The Accounting Authority, when determining the conditions of service; must include the following:
(a) an ethical code of conduct for the CEO;
(b) the grounds for suspension of a CEO;
(c) disciplinary procedures, including the identification of misconduct offences;
(d) probation period; and
(e) incapacity code in respect of ill health.


(4) The Accounting Authority must submit the conditions of service applicable to a CEO to the Minister for approval before implementation.