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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&R SETA)

9. Composition of the Board


9.1 The Board shall comprise of members appointed by the constituent employer and employee organisations in terms of the Act.


9.3 The specified constituent employer and employee organisations in the sector listed in Annexure "A" of this Constitution.


9.3 The Board must consist of an equal number of Board members representing:
9.3.1 Employee organizations with Board seat distributed as per Annexure "B"; and
9.3.2 Employer organizations with Board seat distributed as per Annexure "B".


9.4 The Board may include members representing:
9.4.1 A Government Department having a direct interest in the affairs of the W&R SETA; and
9.4.2 If the Minister after consultation with the Board, deems it appropriate; Any interested professional body including a body representing unemployed persons or work seekers in the sector or Any bargaining council within the jurisdiction of the sector.


9.5 Every constituency which is entitled to appoint representatives on the Board is obliged to ensure that its representatives include designated groups.


9.6 Each constituency should provide written assurance that in selecting its representation to the Board, due process was followed.


9.7 Board members who are appointed in terms of clause 9.2 above shall not be voting board members.


9.8 The Board shall consist of:
9.8.1 Six (6) members representing employer organizations in the sector;
9.8.2 Six (6) members representing employee organizations in the sector; and
9.8.3 Such other non-voting Board members appointed from time to time in terms of clause 9.2.


9.9 All Board members shall have a term of office not exceeding 2(two) years from the date of their appointment.


9.10 The constituent employer and employee organisations shall:
9.10.1 through a transparent and objective process appoint new members to the Board at or prior to the Annual General Meeting of the W&R SETA, and the appointees shall be inaugurated at the Annual General Meeting.
9.10.2 have the power to replace their appointed representative should the appointed member resign or for any reason be unable to continue to serve on the board.