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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Information Systems (IT), Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (ISETT SETA)

Chapter Eighteen

18. Provincial Committees


18.1 Having regard to the nature and the extent of the operations of the sector, the Authority may set up provincial committees in certain provinces, the purpose of which would be to identify, report upon and deal with the appropriate objectives of the Authority with the peculiar interests, needs and exigencies of a region or province of the Republic;


18.2 The scope and number of such committees shall be determined by the Authority taking into account, inter alia, the specific interaction which may be required by the various sectors and the divergent provincial needs, requirements and exigencies, the fundamental objective of such committees being to identify skills development issues and criteria in their specific regions or provinces;


18.3 Provincial Committees

The Provincial Committees shall be responsible for the following duties and functions:

a) To identify provincial sector and sector skills requirements and needs;
b) To recommend potential Learnership focuses,
c) To identify and recommend workplaces for Leanerships,
d) To promote and publicise the Authority,
e) To share information
f) To provide an opportunity for all stakeholders and interested parties to participate
g) and provide input into the Authority
h) To identify and liaise with regional initiatives relevant to the work of the SETA


18.4 Composition
18.4.1 The composition of the Provincial Committees shall be determined in accordance with the needs and exigencies peculiar to each region or province, as the case may be and shall comprise of an equal number of employer and employee representatives together with representatives from interest groups and interested parties which may be admitted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Act;
18.4.2 In addition, having regard to the unique employment opportunities and circumstances prevailing in each particular province, provision may be made for the participation in the deliberations of any such committee of any employment agencies or personnel agencies;


18.5 Meetings of the Provincial Committees

Each Provincial Committee shall meet on no fewer than four occasions in each year in order to ensure that the objectives of the Act and this Constitution are satisfactorily achieved and maintained;


18.6 Reporting Structure

All minutes, reports and recommendations adopted by the Provincial Committee shall, within 14 days of such adoption be submitted to the Authority which shall, in turn, consolidate such reports and recommendations and submit them to the appropriate functional committee.