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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Information Systems (IT), Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (ISETT SETA)

Chapter Ten

10. Powers of the Authority


10.1 The Authority may, for the purpose of achieving its objectives and performing its duties and functions establish such committees, sub committees, ad hoc committees and other committees and, with the approval of the Minister, functional committees in addition to those referred to in this Constitution;


10.2 A committee or functional committee so established shall have the terms of reference and organisational structures determined by the Authority, however, they shall not conflict with those of the committees or functional committees provided for in this Constitution. All committees and functional committees must consist of an equal number of members representing organised employers and employees and such additional members as the Authority may determine;]


10.3 The Authority may, at any time, dissolve any committee or functional committee and may amend or revoke its terms of reference and organisational structures;


10.4 A Committee or Other Committee shall have the power and the Authority and may impose functions delegated to it by the Authority, subject to such conditions as. In addition to the aforegoing, and without derogating from the provisions of Section 12 and 13 (3) (vi) of the Act, the Authority may:
10.4.1 Appoint an Chief Executive Officer and such other employees necessary for the effective running of the Authority;
10.4.2 Formulate the general policy of the Authority;
10.4.3 Approve the annual budget of the Authority;
10.4.4 Approve the business plan of the Authority;
10.4.5 Determine the terms and conditions of employment of the Chief Executive Officer and other employees of the Authority;
10.4.6 Make rules relating to meetings of the Authority, financial matters, general procurement and administrative matters which are in accordance with provisions of this Constitution, the Act or any law;
10.4.7 Report on skills development within the sector ;
10.4.8 Compile a code of conduct by which all representatives shall be bound at all times.