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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather Sector Education and Training Authority (CTFLSETA)

4. Functions of the SETA


The functions of the SETA are to—


4.1 assist to promote job creation, economic growth and decent work in the Sector;


4.2 co-ordinate the development of an overall training and education strategy for the Sector;


4.3 develop an integrated sector skills plan, incorporating sub-sector skills training requirements and objectives, within the framework of the national skills strategy;


4.4 implement the sector skills plan by—
4.4.1 approving workplace skills plans;
4.4.2 establishing learnerships;
4.4.3 disbursing grants in terms of the Act, and its regulations;
4.4.4 monitoring education and training in the Sector.


4.5 promote learnerships in each of the sub-sectors of the SETA;


4.6 perform the functions of an Education and Training Quality Assurance Body;


4.7 liaise with the National Skills, Authority on—
4.7.1 national skills development policy;
4.7.2 the national skills development strategy; and
4.7.3 its sector skills plan;


4.8 conclude a service level agreement with the Director-General of Labour in terms of section 10A of the Act;


4.9 promote the national standard established in terms of section 30B of the Act;


4.10 submit to the Director-General of Labour—
4.10.1 any budgets, reports and financial statements on its income and expenditure that it is required to prepare in terms of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999; and
4.10.2 plans and reports on the implementation of its Sector Skills Plan and service level agreement;


4.11 liaise with the employment services of the Department of Labour and any education body established under any law regulating education in the Republic, to improve information—
4.11.1 about employment opportunities; and
4.11.2 between education and training providers and the labour market;


4.12 facilitate the involvement of relevant government departments in the activities of the SETA to –
4.12.1 address the competency requirements for social delivery;
4.12.2 address the learning needs of the most vulnerable segments of the Sector;
4.12.3 promote training in SMMEs to enable them to qualify for public contracts; and


4.13 perform any duties imposed by the Act and to actively pursue concrete measures to achieve the objectives of the Act.