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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Bank Sector Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA)

17. Chambers and Committees of the Authority


17.1 The Council may establish separate committees from time to time to facilitate the achievement of the Authority's objects and prescribe the functions of such committees.


17.2 The Authority hereby establishes the following committees:
17.2.1 a management committee (ad hoc);
17.2.2 an audit committee;
17.2.3 a finance committee:
17.2.4 a remuneration committee;


17.3 The Authority may, with the Minister's approval establish chambers as per the Act.
17.3.1 A chamber so established must consist of an equal number of members representing employees and employers and may include such additional members as the Authority determines.
17.3.2 That chamber must perform those functions of the Authority as delegated to it in terms of this Constitution.
17.3.3 A chamber 'so established will be entitled to such percentage of the skills development levies collected in its jurisdiction as the Minister after consultation with the Authority determines.


17.4 The Council will define the functions of each committee and chamber, which shall be presented to the Minister on request of the Minister.


17.5 The Council shall appoint all members of the Committees and shall have the power to remove and replace any such committee on written notice to the committee.


17.6 The members of staff of such committees shall not be limited in their number and shall be determined according to their needs.


17.7 The functions and objectives of such Committees or chambers will be to add value and render practical assistance to the Council to fulfill its objects in terms of this Constitution and the Act.


17.8 Subject to the power of the Council to curtail, abrogate, regulate, or discontinue the delegation of Authority conveyed to each Committee or chamber, each Committee or chamber shall be empowered to:
17.8.1 establish rules for the convening of meetings, the conducting of meetings and the required quorum of meetings as is deemed fit;
17.8.2 establish rules governing voting rights of the chamber or committee's members and the manner in which decisions are to be taken by the chambers and committees, as is deemed fit;
17.8.3 constitute one or more working committees to deal with any specific portion of its work;
17.8.4 nominate members as members of Committees;
17.8.5 keep Minutes of all meetings in which shall be recorded the names of Members attending such meetings.


17.9 A member or members of the Council, may attend the meetings of such Committees or chambers and their various sub-committees in an advisory capacity.