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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA)

Chapter Two : Objectives and Functions

9. Functions of SASSETA


SASSETA must in accordance with any requirements that may be prescribed:

9.1 develop a sector skills plan within the framework of the national skills development strategy;
9.2 implement its sector skills plan by—
9.2.1 establishing learnerships;
9.2.2 approving work-place skills plans;
9.2.3 allocating grants in the prescribed manner and in accordance with any prescribed standards and criteria to employers, education and training providers and workers;
9.2.4 monitoring education and training provision to the sector,
9.3 promote learnerships by—
9.3.1 identifying workplaces in the sector for practical work experience;
9.3.2 supporting the development of learning materials;
9.3.3 improving the facilitation of learning; and
9.3.4 assisting in the conclusion of learnership agreements;
9.4 register learnership agreements;
9.5 perform the functions of an education and training Quality assurance body as provided in the South African Qualifications Authority Act and relevant regulations;
9.6 when required to do so, collect the skills development levies and disburse the levies allocated to it in terms of sections 8(3)(b) and 9(b) of the Skills Development Levies Act;
9.7 liaise with the National Skills Authority on—
9.7.1 the national skills development policy;
9.7.2 the national skills development strategy; and
9.7.3 SASSETA'S sector skills plan;
9.8 submit to the Director-General:
9.8.1 any budgets, reports and financial statements on SASSETA's income and expenditure that it is required to prepare in terms of the Public Finance Management Act; and
9.8.2 plans and reports on the implementation of SASSETA's sector skills plan and service level agreement;
9.9 liaise with the employment services of the Department and any education body established under any law regulating education in the Republic to improve information—
9.9.1 about employment opportunities; and
9.9.2 between education and training providers and the labour market;
9.10 subject to section 14 of the Act, appoint staff necessary for the performance of its functions;
9.11 promote the national standard established in terms of section 30B of the Act;
9.12 conclude a service level agreement for each financial year, with the Director-General concerning—
9.12.1 SASSETA's performance of its functions in terms of the Act and the national skills development strategy;
9.12.2 SASSETA's annual business plan; and
9.12.3 any assistance that the Director-General is to provide to SASSETA in order to enable it to perform its functions;
9.13 perform any other duties imposed by the Ad or the Skills Development Levies Act or consistent with the purposes of the Act; and
9.14 perform its functions in accordance with the Act, the Skills Development Levies Act and this constitution.