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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA)

Chapter Three : Board

18. Meetings of Board


18.1 The Board must meet at least once every quarter.


18.2 One of the Board meetings must be an annual general meeting, which must be held within six months after the end of each financial year.


18.3 The chairperson in consultation with the Executive Committee must determine the time, date and place of the annual general meeting.


18.4 At the annual general meeting the members must—
18.4.1 consider the annual financial statements of SASSETA, the annual report of SASSETA'S affairs and the report of the Auditor General;
18.4.2 approve the business plan of SASSETA;
18.4.3 discuss any matter of which notice must have been given to the Chief Executive Officer at least fifteen days before the date of the annual general meeting; and
18.4.4 transact such other business as is required to be transacted by SASSETA under this Constitution or applicable legislation.