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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Agriculture Sector Education and Training Authority (AgriSETA)

Chapter Five : Executive Committee

29. Duties and functions


29.1 The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the management of the operational affairs of AgriSETA.


29.2 With respect to finances, the Executive Committee must:
29.2.1 receive, consider and approve the financial reports of AgriSETA;
29.2.2 recommend the appointment of an independent auditor and receive and consider the auditor's reports:
29.2.3 monitor and report on the financial operations, internal financial controls and budget performance of AgriSETA
29.2.4 approve AgriSETA's insurance portfolio;
29.2.5 approve tenders for items of major expenditure;
29.2.6 present the business plan, sector skills plan and budget for the approval of the Governing Board;


29.3 With respect to employees, the Executive Committee must :
29.3.1 recommend human resources policies to the Governing Board and monitor their implementation;
29.3.2 recommend the appointment of the executive officer of AgriSETA to the Governing Board;
29.3.3 recommend the terms and conditions of employment of the executive officer to the Governing Board;
29.3.4 direct and supervise the executive officer in the performance of his or her duties;
29.3.5 monitor staffing requirements;
29.3.6 recommend any other policies applicable to AgriSETA's employees to the Governing Board and monitor their implementation.


29.4 With respect to reporting, the Executive Committee must:
29.4.1 submit to the Governing Board the audited annual accounts of AgriSETA for incorporation into AgriSETA's annual report; and
29.4.2 submit, for the consideration of the Governing Board, an annual report on its activities.


29.5 Generally the Executive Committee may –
29.5.1 manage, co-ordinate and monitor the activities of standing committees and any other committees;
29.5.2 receive and consider the reports and recommendations of standing committees and any other committees; and
29.5.3 appoint ad hoc committees as may be required.