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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Agriculture Sector Education and Training Authority (AgriSETA)

Chapter Three : Membership of Governing Board

15. Procedure at meetings


15.1 The Governing Board may regulate its meetings as it deems fit.


15.2 The quorum necessary for the transaction of business is six members representing organised employers and six members representing organised labour.


15.3 If within one hour after the time appointed for the meeting, a quorum is not present, the meeting must be rescheduled to another day within two weeks of the meeting, at the same time and place.


15.4 If there is no quorum at the rescheduled meeting within half an hour after the time appointed for the meeting, the members then present must continue and may make recommendations, to be ratified at the next meeting of the Governing Board.


15.5 The chairperson must preside at all meetings of the Governing Board.


15.6 The chairperson must ensure that minutes of Governing Board meetings are kept and are circulated to members within three weeks after each Governing Board meeting.