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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Training Authority (THETA)

Chapter 3 : Functions and Duties

7. Powers of THETA


7.1 THETA has:
7.1.1 all such powers as are necessary to enable it to perform its duties and functions in terms of the Act, the Regulations and this constitution; and
7.1.2 the other powers conferred on it by the Act or the Levies Act.


7.2 The THETA shall perform its functions in accordance with the Act, the Levies Act, the Public Finance Management Act and this constitution.


7.3 THETA may delegate its powers, duties and functions to its members, employees, chambers and committees, provided that the THETA:
7.3.1 may impose conditions for the delegation;
7.3.2 may not be divested of any power or duty by virtue of the delegation; and
7.3.3 may vary or set aside any decision made under any delegation.


7.4 THETA may for the purposes of achieving its objectives and performing its duties and functions establish Committees and Chambers.


7.5 A Committee or Chamber so established shall have the terms of reference and organisational structures determined by THETA provided that such terms of reference and organisational structures shall not conflict with any provision of this constitution.


7.6 THETA may at any time dissolve any such Committee and may amend or revoke its terms of reference and organisational structures.


7.7 THETA may at any time dissolve any such Chamber or suspend any Chamber with a view to its dissolution, in the event that THETA is satisfied that the said Chamber is redundant, has defaulted or is unable to perform its functions.


7.8 A Committee or Chamber shall have the powers and functions delegated to it by THETA and shall operate, subject to any such conditions as may be imposed by THETA.