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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution for the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA)

8. Powers of the CETA


The CETA shall, subject to the provisions of the Act, have all such powers as may be necessary to enable it to carry out its functions and fulfill its objectives and without limiting the generality thereof it shall have the following powers:

8.1 appoint CETA Council and alternate members;
8.2 establish committees and appoint members to such committees;
8.3 dissolve or reconstitute any committee;
8.4 delegate of its powers and duties to its members, committees and employees, provided that the CETA may impose conditions for the delegation of powers, but shall not be divested of any power or duty by virtue of the delegation, and may vary or set aside any decision made under any delegation: Provided that every delegation by the CETA must be in writing, setting out the terms and conditions of such delegation which must be recorded;
8.5 impose a code of conduct for CETA and committee members;
8.6 formulate the policies and procedures of the CETA;
8.7 make rules relating to CETA and committee meetings, financial matters, general procurement and administrative matters;
8.8 approve the annual budget of the CETA;
8.9 approve the annual business plan of the CETA;
8.10 request the minister to adjust the skills development levy as prescribed by the Levies Act, or determine another rate and basis for the Construction sector, if deemed necessary;
8.11 impose registration, accreditation and any other fees where necessary in the prescribed manner;
8.12 determine the rules for grants and funding of education and training by the CETA in the prescribed manner;
8.13 award study loans and bursaries, in the prescribed manner, for further, as well as tertiary education and training relevant to the construction sector;
8.14 determine the allowances and other remuneration, and other related matters for the CETA and committee members;
8.15 approve the CETAs recruitment policy, objective selection criteria for all employees as well as the terms and conditions of employment of the Chief Executive Officer and other employees of the CETA;
8.16 appoint the Chief Executive Officer;
8.17 initiate and support standards generation bodies for domains or sub-fields covered by the scope of the CETA;
8.18 acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise any movable or immovable property and also to sell, let, mortgage or otherwise deal with or dispose of movable or immovable property or other assets belonging to the CETA; and
8.19 delegate selected powers and/or functions to other bodies: Provided that such delegation shall be in writing;
8.20 exercise any other powers not specifically mentioned, or as required by the Act in order to fulfill the objectives of the CETA.