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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution for the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA)

29. Meetings of the CETA and Committees


29.1 The CETA shall meet at least four times per calendar year;


29.2 The CETA shall adopt at its first meeting and thereafter by not later than the last meeting of a calendar year a schedule of meetings for the ensuing calendar year for the CETA and its standing committees;


29.3 With respect to special meetings, the Chief Executive Officer in consultation with the Chairperson of the CETA or standing committee as the case may be, may on grounds of urgency, call a special meeting of the CETA or standing committee on 48 hours notice;


29.4 If the Chief Executive Officer receives a request signed by at least half of the members of the CETA or a standing committee, as the case may be, he or she must as soon as practicable give notice of a special meeting of the CETA or standing committee and that special meeting must be held within 15 working days of receiving the request;


29.5 The proceedings of the CETA or a committee shall not be invalid by reason of a vacancy on the CETA or committee;


29.6 At any meeting of the CETA or a committee of the CETA—
29.6.1 The Chairperson must preside;
29.6.2 If the Chairperson of the CETA is absent from the meeting, and then the deputy Chairperson must preside;
29.6.3 If the deputy Chairperson of the CETA or the Chairperson of a committee is absent, then members at the meeting must elect a member from amongst themselves to act as Chairperson at that meeting; and
29.6.4 The Chairperson may order any member to leave a meeting if in the opinion of the Chairperson the behaviour of such member is disruptive to the orderly conduct of the meeting.


29.7 A quorum at a CETA meeting shall be constituted by two thirds of the CETA Members.


29.8 When the number of members present at the time and place fixed for a meeting is insufficient to form a quorum, the meeting shall continue, with the proviso that any recommendations or decisions reached shall be subject to ratification at the next meeting, provided that matters of urgency shall be subject to postal ratification unless otherwise provided for;


29.9 Notices convening meetings shall include an agenda of the matters to be considered and shall be forwarded to persons required to attend at least 14 days before the scheduled date of the meeting to the postal address registered with the CETA;


29.10 Minutes of each meeting shall be compiled in the English language by a staff member designated by the Chief Executive Officer, and tabled for approval at the following meeting. These shall be circulated with the notice convening the next meeting or as otherwise determined;


29.11 The Chairperson of a meeting must sign the minutes as confirmation of their correctness;


29.12 Minutes shall be a summarised record of the proceedings, resolutions and actions required. Members may request that his or her particular views be reflected in the minutes.