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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution for the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA)

20. ETQA Committee


20.1 Composition


20.1.1 Two employer members who shall be elected from and by the employer members sewing on the CETA: Provided that one member shall be elected from the emerging industry members;
20.1.2 Two trade union members who shall be elected from and by the trade union members sewing on the CETA;
20.1.3 One government member who shall be nominated by the government departments concerned;
20.1.4 No more than four members co-opted by the CETA for their quality assurance expertise;
20.1.5 The Chief Executive Officer in an ex officio capacity;
20.1.6 he Quality Assurance Manager of the CETA in an ex officio capacity.


20.2 Powers and Duties of the ETQA Committee


The ETQA Committee shall:

20.2.1 Elect a Chairperson from its members;
20.2.2 Guide the CETAs application to SAQA to be accredited as an ETQA Body;
20.2.3 Guide the CETAs application to SAQA to renew its accreditation as an ETQA Body;
20.2.4 Guide and support the drafting of a Quality Management System (QMS);
20.2.5 Review and maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system;
20.2.6 Guide policies and procedures regarding provider accreditation;
20.2.7 Guide and monitor education and training provision;
20.2.8 Guide the auditing of quality management procedures;
20.2.9 Guide policy and procedures with regard to assessor registration;
20.2.10 Guide the devolution of the certification function;
20.2.11 Guide the promotion of quality;
20.2.12 Guide the monitoring of standards and qualifications and the recommendation of revisions and the generation of new standards;
20.2.13 Guide and review ETQA reports for SAQA;
20.2.14 Consider and review any relevant reports received from SAQA; and
20.2.15 Ensure that the CETA fulfills all its functions in terms of SAQA Act, 1995 (Act no 58 of 1995) regulation 1127.