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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution for the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA)

18. Executive Committee


18.1 Composition


The Executive Committee shall be composed as follows and the CETA must elect its members from the members of the CETA:

18.1.1 Two employer members who shall be elected by the employer members serving on the CETA:
18.1.2 Provided that one member shall be elected from the emerging industry members;
18.1.3 Two trade union members who shall be elected by the trade union members sewing on the CETA;
18.1.4 One government member who shall be nominated by the government departments concerned;
18.1.5 The Chairperson of the CETA who shall chair the executive committee;
18.1.6 The Chief Executive Officer in an ex officio capacity, without vote.


18.2 Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall:

18.2.1 Exercise such powers and perform such functions as may be delegated to it by the CETA and shall report to the CETA;
18.2.2 be responsible for the management of the operational affairs of the CETA;
18.2.3 Deal with the funds, conduct financial transactions and enter into contracts on behalf of the CETA on such conditions as determined by the CETA: Provided that any extraordinary financial transactions or contractual obligations shall be referred to the CETA;
18.2.4 The Executive Committee shall, but without limiting the generality of this, have the following special functions: Present the annual budget, business plan, SSP and quality management plan for the approval of the CETA; Manage and co-ordinate the activities of other standing and ad hoc committees of the CETA; Determine the terms and conditions of service and remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer and other employees of the CETA and to direct and supervise the Chief Executive Officer in the performance of his or her duties; Appoint or recommend to the CETA the appointment of ad hoc committees as may be required; and Seek and consider the advice or opinion of consultants.
18.2.5 The Executive Committee shall have the power to refer such matters as it may deem fit to any other standing committee or to an ad hoc committee that it may establish and to withdraw or vary such reference at any time;
18.2.6 The Executive Committee shall not be entitled to decide questions of general policy but shall be empowered to act on behalf of the CETA in an emergency. In such event, the Executive Committee shall report its actions and the reasons for them to the CETA at its next meeting.