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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Energy Sector Education & Training Education (ESETA)

15. Committees of the Authority


15.1 The Authority hereby establishes the following sub-structures through which to conduct its business:
(a) Executive Committee
(b) Audit Committee
(c) Remuneration Committee
(d) Functional Committees as described in schedule 4 of this constitution.
(e) Regional Committees as described in schedule 4 of this constitution.


15.2 The Authority shall keep an updated schedule of the Functional Committees and Regional Committees established and the roles and responsibilities delegated to them.


15.3 The Authority has the power under this constitution to establish such standing and ad-hoc committees, as it may deem necessary to conduct its functions and duties. It may delegate any of its powers to these committees. It may also dissolve these committees when it deems this necessary.


15.4 A committee thus established shall have the terms of reference and organisational structures determined by the Authority and in addition must:
(a) Comprise of members appointed on the basis of their knowledge and expertise in the subject of the committee.
(b) Where possible comprise equal numbers of organised labour and organised employer representatives.
(c) Keep the Authority fully informed of all its activities.
(d) Meet at such intervals and frequency as determined by their activities and the dates for the completion of their tasks as specified in their terms of reference.
(e) Ensure that proper minutes of all meetings are taken, formally documented and retained in an archive and record system.
(f) Elect a chairperson from amongst its members.
(g) Be supported by staff from the relevant ESETA department, who shall advise and assist the committee and act as the secretariat.


15.5 A quorum for a committee shall be in accordance with the Terms of Reference for the relevant committee under question. Decisions shall be by consensus. Where no consensus can be reached a decision shall be made by a simple majority vote. In the event of an equality of votes the presiding officer shall have a casting vote.


15.6 Any member of the Authority who is not an elected member of a functional or regional committee may attend and speak at meetings of a committee but may not vote.


15.7 The ESETA Authority/Board may establish chambers for specific sub sectors of the Energy and Water sector;
(a) Any such chambers will have the duties and functions assigned to it by the Authority
(b) Chambers so established shall consist of equal numbers of members representing employees and employers and may include such other additional members as the Authority may decide; and
(c) The Authority may at any time amend or revoke any of the duties and responsibilities of the chambers or dissolve such chambers.