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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Energy Sector Education & Training Education (ESETA)

11. Composition of the Energy SETA


11.1 The ESETA is composed of Members representing the following stakeholders in the Energy and Water Sector(s):
(a) Organised labour;
(b) Organised employers, including small business;
(c) Relevant government departments;


11.2 The stakeholders of the ESETA at the date of its establishment are listed in Schedule 2 of this constitution.


11.3 Any registered trade union or employer's organisation may, in the prescribed manner, apply to the Authority for admission as a stakeholder of the ESETA. The Authority may admit any trade union, employer organisation, or, interested professional body or bargaining council within the Energy and Water Sector as a stakeholder, after consultation with the Authority, and if satisfied that the admission of the said body will make the Authority more representatives of the interests in the Energy and Water Sector.


11.4 The Authority may remove a stakeholder from the ESETA only for a good reason and after affording the stakeholder an opportunity to be heard.


11.5 The name of any stakeholder may be removed from the schedule upon written request to the Authority by the stakeholder.


11.6 The Authority shall, from time-to-time, compile a schedule of organized labour and organised employers whose members carry on their business in the Energy and Water Sector, together with the government departments relevant to the Energy and Water Sector.