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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Trade Test Regulations, 2014

7. Trade test scheduling, monitoring, reporting and certification


(1) An accredited trade test centre must submit to NAMB five working days in advance of each month end, in a format determined by NAMB, a monthly schedule of trade tests to be conducted by the centre.


(2) An accredited trade test centre must submit trade test results once a week to the NAMB and the SETA where the learner is registered in a format determined by NAMB in consultation with the QCTO.


(3) NAMB must submit monthly reports of trade test results to its artisan stakeholder forums.


(4) NAMB must verify trade test results within five working days of receiving them, in accordance with NAMB moderation criteria and guidelines aligned to the relevant QCTO policies.


(5) NAMB must recommend certification of qualifying learners subject to external moderation if necessary to the QCTO within twenty one working days after verifying the results.


(6) NAMB must not recommend certification of an applicant if—
(a) the learner was not approved for the trade test as contemplated in regulation 2(5); or
(b) the learner's name does not appear on a monthly trade test schedule contemplated in sub regulation (1).


(7) Provided the relevant criteria for certification have been met, the QCTO will issue and distribute a national trade certificate to each successful learner within twenty one working days after receiving a recommendation to that effect from NAMB.