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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Trade Test Regulations, 2014

2. Application to undergo a trade test


(1) Subject to sub-regulation (2) a person may apply to an accredited trade test centre to undergo a trade test in any listed trade.


(2) An applicant for a trade test must submit to the accredited trade test centre—
(a) an application form in the format determined by the NAMB;
(b) proof that the applicant has achieved the entrance requirement specified by the QCTO for the listed trade qualification;
(c) proof that the applicant has completed all the curriculum components required for an artisan qualification; and
(d) proof of compliance with any medical or legal requirement applicable to the relevant trade as may be provided in any other law or required by a professional body for the listed trade.


(3) Despite sub regulation (2), an applicant who has completed an RPL process may substitute a portfolio of evidence approved by NAMB in place of the proofs contemplated at sub-regulation (2)(b)(c ) and (d).


(4) Upon receipt of an application that conforms to requirements as contemplated in sub-regulation (2) or (3), an accredited trade test centre must within five working days issue to the applicant a written and signed notice in a format determined by NAMB, indicating:
(a) the trade test serial number issued by national trade testing system.
(b) the date on which the trade test will be conducted;
(c) the listed trade which will be tested;
(d) the venue, time and duration of the trade test; and
(e) the cost in Rands of the trade test.


(5) All persons who are contracted on a learning programme agreement will be allowed three trade test attempts that must occur during the learning programme agreement period.


(6) A person who is found not yet competent after three attempts at a trade test within the learning programme agreement period, must be referred for recognition of prior learning as contemplated in sub regulation (3).


(7) A person who attempts a trade test must be issued a report by the accredited trade test centre in a format determined by NAMB within three working days after the completion of the trade test.