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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Standard Constitution of SETA Regulations


Annexure 5 : Committees of SETA


1. General Guidelines for all SETA Committees


(1) The Accounting Authority has the power to constitute and dissolve any of its committees.


(2) The Accounting Authority has the power to determine, amend or revoke the terms of reference and organisational structures of any of its committees.


(3) The Accounting Authority must ensure that all members of committees appointed by it act in accordance with the Code of Conduct in Annexure 2.


(4) The membership of a committee—
(a) may comprise an equal number of members representing organised labour and organised employers; and
(b) is not restricted to members of the Accounting Authority only.


(5) Except for the Audit Committee, the chairperson of a committee must be a member of the Accounting Authority.


(6) Members of committees must have knowledge of, and experience in, matters relevant to the functions of the committees on which they serve.


(7) The Accounting Authority may co-opt additional members, including persons who are not members of the Accounting Authority, who have expertise, knowledge and experience pertaining to matters relevant to the functions of the committee in question.


(8) Meetings of any committee, established in terms of this Constitution, must comply with the procedures contemplated in item 11(5).


(9) All committees must meet as frequently as is reasonably required.


(10) Committees established by the Accounting Authority must perform the functions identified in their terms of reference.


2. Committees to be Established by SETA


(1) The Accounting Authority must establish the following committees:
(a) An Executive Committee, established in terms of item 9;
(b) An Audit Committee, established in terms of section 77 of the PFMA, read with Chapter 9 of the Treasury Regulations made in terms of the PFMA;
(c) A Finance and Remuneration Committee; and
(d) A Governance and Strategy Committee.


(2) The Accounting Authority may establish any other committee, including a committee on a temporary basis, that it deems necessary for the effective functioning of the SETA, and it may determine its composition, duties and functions.


(3) Such committees may include—
(a) a Skills Planning Committee;
(b) a Learnership Committee;
(c) Regional Committees;
(d) a Quality Assurance Committee.