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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Standard Constitution of SETA Regulations

9. Executive Committee of Accounting Authority


(1) Establishment of Executive Committee of Accounting Authority


(a) The Accounting Authority must establish an Executive Committee with the approval of the Minister.
(b) The Executive Committee may not consist of more than five members and must include the Chairperson.


(2) Composition of Executive Committee


Organised labour and organised employers must have equal representation in the Executive Committee.


(3) Term of office of members of Executive Committee


A member of the Executive Committee holds office for the period of that member's term of office as a member of the Accounting Authority.


(4) Functions of Executive Committee


(a) Subject to the directions of the Accounting Authority, the Executive Committee must oversee the management of the SETA.
(b) Without limiting its functions contemplated in paragraph (a), the Executive Committee must—
(i) supervise the proper management of all financial matters;
(ii) coordinate and supervise the implementation of the Accounting Authority's policies;
(iii) monitor national policy issues and developments and must make recommendations regarding the adoption of policies by the Accounting Authority;
(iv) coordinate the functioning of committees, chambers and structures of the SETA and must monitor their activities, in order to ensure that they act within the terms of any powers delegated to them by the Accounting Authority;
(v) oversee staff employment issues;
(vi) determine budgets and business plans;
(vii) monitor the relations and interactions of the SETA with  other SETAs and other agencies on matters related to skills development; and
(viii) perform any other function, delegated to it by the Accounting.