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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Standard Constitution of SETA Regulations

7. Service Level Agreement and Strategic Plan of SETA


(1) The SETA must conclude an SLA for every financial year with the Director-General in accordance with section 10A of the Act, concerning—
(a) the SETA's performance of its functions in terms of the Act and the NSDS;
(b) the SETA's annual Strategic Plan;
(c) any assistance that the Director-General is to provide to the SETA in order to enable it to perform its functions;
(d) any assistance that the SETA is to provide in terms of the Act to assist the Minister in complying with his or her responsibility in accordance with the policy determined by the President relating to service delivery and relating to the functions of the relevant SETA; and
(e) any other prescribed matters.


(2) The SLA must be concluded in the prescribed manner and within the prescribed period.


{3) If the SETA and the Director-General are unable to agree on the contents of the SLA within the prescribed period, the Minister must determine the contents of the SLA after consulting the NSA.


(4) The SETA must submit a Strategic Plan in terms of Regulation 30 of the Treasury Regulations.