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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Standard Constitution of SETA Regulations

16. Chief Executive Officer and Other Employees


(1)        Appointment by Accounting Authority


(a) The Accounting Authority must—
(i) within six months of taking office, after following a transparent process, recommend to the Minister the names of three suitable qualified candidates for appointment to the position of Chief Executive Officer; and
(ii) consider the suitable qualified candidates in accordance with fair and reasonable criteria acknowledged in labour law before making the recommendation in terms of subparagraph (i).
(b) Subject to paragraph (c), the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer is linked to the term of office of the Accounting Authority.
(c) The Chief Executive Officer may be retained for a further six months in the event that the SETA is re-established in accordance with section 9(1)(b) of the Act.


(5)        Duties of Chief Executive Officer


The Chief Executive Officer must—

(a) implement the decisions of the Accounting Authority;
(b) execute the strategic and management operations of the SETA;
(c) attend the meetings of the Accounting Authority and the Executive Committee;
(d) promote strategic planning and policy development;
(e) ensure strict and responsible control of the finances of the SETA, in compliance with the financial management requirements of the PFMA;
(f) supervise and direct the other employees of the SETA; and
(g) perform such other functions as determined by the Accounting Authority or the Executive Committee.